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June 9. 2023


          I wish for you to walk The Way, without bearing the burden of vengeance, retaliation.  Come and sit with Me, now.  Put those burdens down.  Let us discuss where the source of these energies might be found.  It is deep within you.  And it is time to release those thoughts of revenge, those plans for retaliation.  They harm you, hurt you, and wound you.  They leave abscesses, within your physical body.  They create disease.  Today, as we walk and talk, we will find a way, together, to begin the journey of forgiveness.  And, as we do so, together, the weight and the burden of revenge and retaliation grows light, and light, until your work is done, and you can stand in the light of the noonday sun, and say, “I forgive.”  And last that statement, that pronouncement, is true.  You will have worked your way through all of those energies of the past, and you stand in the light, at last.  Free from the weight and the burden.  Free.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Only you can know those dark secrets you hold, deep within.  It is time to let them go.  It is time to free yourself.  And the freedom is held within the forgiveness, which you will practice, and perfect, as you walk into the light of this new day.