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March 13, 2023



      You have walked a long way, some of it through desert, some of it in the sweet light of the day, some of it by a river, some of it through dark city streets.  No matter where you have traveled, throughout your lifetime upon the Earth, you have journeyed far, at tender times, at holy times, at times of repose, at times of stress and challenge.  My daughter, My son, you have walked, and the journey has been your own.  Through it all, it is your own.  This lifetime you have experienced, it is yours.  Do not be tempted to devalue any of it, for it has made you who you are.  Take that which has made you, releasing that of darkness and shadow, tears and pain, cherishing the lessons, blessing the experience, for without each and every encounter, you would not be standing as you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

    Celebrate every aspect of your lifetime, upon Earth.  As it all came to you, it was yours to do.  And once it, the experience, is done, you add another page to your book, your blessings of wisdom.  Take it all.  Look carefully.  Select the pearls of wisdom to cherish as you continue your journey upon the Earth.  Be blessed in the knowing that it is The Way, and you are walking in it, following it Home.