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March 14, 2023



      The journey of your lifetime, upon Earth, sometimes, has been challenging, difficult.  This time might be challenging, difficult.  It might also be a time of great joy, and release, for you.  But no matter what your journey is bringing to you, now, I call to you, from within.  And I say, come, sit, talk to Me.  Tell Me where you have been, so I might have this experience, with you.  If we sit beside a river, I will wash, and dry, your feet.  If we sit, on grass, in a meadow, I will find fruits to feed you, so you might eat.  If we walk, the street of a city, close so we might speak, I will take the worries and fears from you, so it feels as if no one else is around us.  And we will walk the city street.  But come the nighttime, as we are together, I will lay you down.  My lap will be your bed, and the only sound, we will hear, is our breathing, My breath upon you, bestowing new life.  Come, let us sit, together.  Let us release all the strife you carry, so you might hear the songs of angels, and therein find your peace.

And the Holy Spirit says:

       In every lifetime, upon the Earth, there is change.  Everything changes.  And change is growth.  So, when it is time for change, do not grasp that, which you know, refusing to let go.  Open your hands.  Let your arms go forward.  Point the way, with your index finger, so you might say, “Here I am, Lord, I am here, today.”  And in that time, and with that statement, you will be lifted-up, and you will go.  You will be led, from within.  For God has made it so, that within you is your compass, and that compass shall be Me.  And I will carry thee, through all situations, and you will know The Way.  You will know The Way Home.