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March 17, 2022



      There will be many times when you question, and outright doubt, My ways.  When you hear, the words, Heaven is near to you, Heaven is within you, they are easy to say, they roll off the tongue, they sound good, in that way.  But, do you believe, that Heaven is, near to you, is within you?  And then, The Holy Spirit, dwelling, within you, sent to you, to be your personal Counselor, this is My Way, too, to make sure that you know, The Way, every day, in all ways.  But, do you believe, My Spirit is, within you?  It is wonderful, and feels good, and comforting, to say, that life is, eternal.  But, do you believe, fully, that you shall live, forever?  I ask you these questions, because, My son, My daughter, I understand you.  I know you.  And I see your position, in the world, and how conflict, and strife, and upheaval, can shake the faith: that Heaven is, with you; that The Holy Spirit is, guiding you; that life is, eternal.  When you sit, with Me, in quiet, and ask these questions, of Me, My words, to you, will be truth, and they will bring you wisdom; and you will find that it is easier, and easier, not just to believe, but: to know, Heaven is, with you, and near to you, and within you; to know, The Holy Spirit is, within you; and, to know, you shall live, forever.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The ways of God are divine, sublime, in their existence.  There is fulfillment, in the words, that you are a child of God, that you are of God, that God loves you.  But this comfort, can be shaken, when someone else questions, that God, cares about one person, such as you.  But it is true.  God, not only, cares for, and loves, each one of you, God knows, everything about, each one, of you.  When you, not only believe this, but come to know it, you will seek, to be enfolded, in The Love of God, every minute, of the day.  And then, your cares will wash away, as you sit, with God, and pray, embrace the answers, and know The Way.