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March 18, 2022


      There is plenty, on the hillside, which sits, at the edge, of the river, flowing, sweetly, filled with water, from the skies.  There is plenty, in the meadow, with the flowers, and the birds.  There is plenty, when you look, when you observe.  That, which I have created, is plentiful, and will sustain you, in your journey, upon the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Often, what you think you need, is a result, of what you see others might have, or you read, in books, or see, in moves, or on the television, what you should have.  You will know, a life of plenty, when you take God’s hand, and walk, the path, together, hand-in-hand; for, plenty surrounds you.  All you need do is breathe it in, and then, as you walk, your path, will be blessed, from beginning, to the end.