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March 19, 2022


      All, that springs forth, from Earth, sings, of the glory, of creation.  The song might not be heard, by the ears, of humankind, but still they sing, all the time.  Their existence is the song; the movement, of the water, in the rivers, and the oceans, and the seas, and the streams, it is the song, they sing.  Each petal, on each flower, is a note, of the song, that is sung, of the glory, of creation.  Each animal, and bird, and fishes of the sea, splash, and walk, and fly, in the glory, of creation.  It is all a song.  Listen.  Turn off the noise, of the world, created by man, and open your ears, to the song, of creation.  Open your heart, to the song, of creation.  And when you hear it, you will be compelled, to sing along, of the glory, of creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To take a walk, to take a run, to take a ride, however you glide, through the creation, that is coming alive, from Earth, right now, you will be moved, by the beauty: of a blade of grass; of a shoot, which will soon be a flower; of the droplets, flying, into the air, and touched, by the sunlight, from the rivers, and oceans, and streams.  These things are gifts, to you, so that you might, in the silence, hear the song, and sing.