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March 20, 2022


      “I AM with you.  My presence does not alarm you, yet might surprise you, at how complete, and real, and honest, it is.  The veils, which separate the dimensions, can be moved aside.  You can walk through, and that is exactly what I do, to sit, and walk, and talk, with you.  Let us do so, today.  Come, I will show you The Way it is meant to be.

“It might surprise you, to know, the number of people, that walk, and talk, with Me, every day.  When you are looking, for such individuals, look for the smile, for the energy of that person, for the easy laughter, for the extended hand, for love.  Love flows, from God.  God does not have to try to love.  God does not love individuals in diminished, or increased, proportions.  God is love; therefore, the love flows, the same, to all.  And if you open, to that love, and allow it to flow into, and through you, then you are, what is said, in your era, now, ‘connected.’  This does not have to make you dour, or soar, or quiet, or reserved.  This is just a truth, a way that you can experience your Earth time, with great enthusiasm, and confidence, because you feel, the love of God, all the time. 

      “I call to you today, to ask you, if you would like to experience Earth, in a more fulfilling way?  And I know, your answer, is, ‘yes.’ Therefore, I say, you do not have to go to places, and institutions of learning.  You do not have to take a course of any kind.  All you have to do is open to the love energy divine, that is flowing to you, from God, now.  It is yours, now.  When you are in this flow, of love, your life is different.  You are not worried.  You are not anxious.  You are not angry, because you are, ‘in love,’ literally, ‘in the love of God.’  And the way you walk, and talk, is different.  You do not speak, of judgment, of others, you speak, with love, of others.  You do not speak, of retaliation, or getting even.  You speak of forgiveness, and compassion.

      “This new way is, in reality, the old way, The Way; and, it has always been so.  The human being, who wishes to stay connected with God seeks, first, communion, with God.  And the union was, is, and shall always continue to be sweet, and tender.  It has been written that, there will come the time, when all those of Earth shall be taught by God.  God is teaching.  Are you listening?  God is teaching.  Are you hearing?  Release the ways of the world, and walk, The Way of God.  When you do, you will truly be, ‘in the world, but not of the world.’  You are of God.

      “Come, and walk, with Me.  Come, and talk, with Me.  This is The Way it is meant to be, and described melodiously, in the old hymn, which was, and is, sung, in small churches, and houses, and in the fields.  ‘I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses.  And the voice I hear, falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses.  And He walks with me, and He talks with Me.  And He tells me I am His own.  And the joy we share, as we tarry there, none other has ever know.’

      “Come, and walk with Me, today.”