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March 20, 2022

      Today is a good day to begin.  Today, I wish for you to put away, set aside, all restrictions, and confinements.  Forget, for a time, rules, and regulations, and dogmas, even.  I want you to put these things aside, and sit with Me, in quiet.  I wish to teach thee.  We will go back to the beginning, of what you know, and come forward; and the teaching, and My words will be slow, compelling.  They will draw you unto Me.  And when you open your eyes, you will see, as it is meant to be seen.  You will forget those things, within you, that bring judgment statements.  You will forget those things, within you, that cause anger, or hurt, and pain.  When you sit, with Me, you are as child, again.  And we talk, and you learn.  As you listen, you grow.  Set it all aside, and sit with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you begin, with intention, to set aside, all preconceived thoughts, notions, and open to that, which God wants you to know, it will sound a little different, because, when God says, “love one another,” you begin to know, that loving one another is possible, when you permit the love, of God, for each of you, to flow through you.  When it does, it cleanses you of all prejudice, and bias.  God’s love carries that away and moves through you.  And therefore, when you meet another, that love, which comes from God, through you, is what they feel, and it is what you feel, too.  Today, set everything aside, and sit with God.