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March 21, 2022


      I wish for you to know, The Way, is set, before you.  You do not have to stumble around.  I tell you, your path, is already set, before you; and, it is a moveable path, which will flow, in whatever direction, it needs to go, to gather you in, and allow you to be, walking upon The Way.  What is set before you?  Look and see, because, as well as the path, The Way, set by Me, you will also bump into obstacles.  And these obstacles will tempt you, away from the path, created for you.  Pay attention, so you might notice, and understand, the path, that is for you, and the temptation to lure you away, from that, which is for you.  And when you see the temptation, when you meet it, before you, do not fear the obstacle, no matter what form it might take.  You have the power, within you, to cast it away from you.  Move it away from you.  Begin to use the power, that is, within you.  The Holy Spirit is, within you, to be your Counselor.  When you meet the obstacle, ask for the gift, you need, to move that obstacle, immediately, and it shall be yours.  Practice, the art of walking The Way, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent, to dwell, within you, so you would have The Wisdom of God, within you, at any time, or place, or in any situation.  Use that, which I can give to you.  When you have a question, come to Me.  When fear begins to rise-up, within you, come to Me.  When there is doubt, that you can do something, come to Me, for I have all the answers, and the answers are, within each of thee.  You can clear your path, and make The Way, by working, with Me.  I AM sent to be your Counselor.  Come to Me, today.  Ask the question.  Ask for help.  And then, let it be.  For, the answer, will come, and the help, will be there.  That is The Way it is meant to be.  Call on Me.  I AM, within you.