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March 23, 2022



      I wish for you, to seek wisdom, in all you do.  When there is an answer, to be found, go beyond, the facts.  Go beyond, the usual response, and sit; and, in quiet, go within.  For, I have sent, unto you, My Holy Spirit.  Seek wisdom, within.  Let that be your intention.  For, when that is your intention, you go beyond, what the world teaches, and you are sitting, with eternal truth.  The books, and the reports, and the lectures, of the day, with you, cannot provide you, with The Wisdom of Eternal Truth.  But I can provide you, because I have already sent My Holy Spirit, to dwell, within you, and to teach you, all you need to know.  And these teachings, are of wisdom, for I have made it so.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Knowing, the facts, as presented to you, is one thing; but, sitting, with the facts, presented to you, and taking them, within, to the chamber where I wait, for you, will bring wisdom, to the facts, as they are presented to you.  And reviewing, the facts, within The Cloak of Wisdom, will bring a different perspective, to the response.  I hold The Wisdom of God, within you.  Ask.  Seek wisdom, within.