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March 24, 2022


      Be still, and I will tell you, a most glorious thing.  For all who wish to listen, come, sit with Me, and bring your attention, and your ears, so that you might hear that, which I wish to say.  My Spirit was with Me, as I created the Heavens, and the Earth.  My Spirit moved over the water, as a mighty wind.  My Spirit, lives, and has always been.  My Spirit moves through all time, eternal time.  My Spirit lives, within the present piece of eternity, you are experiencing, now.  My Spirit lives, within you.  And, My Spirit, will not be confined, or restrained, by a body.  My Spirit, moves, within you, and beyond, your body.  My Spirit, within you, brings you wisdom, and knowing.  My Spirit cannot be sealed, in a box, or a building.  It goes beyond, all sensing.  It reaches into every nook, and caresses every tree, and valley.  My Spirit is, as The Wind, moving, and it is, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:


      I was sent to dwell within you.  But I will not hold you down, nor shall I confine Myself, for I AM, with you.  But, when I move, you come, with Me, and move, as I move, touching all creation, with The Spirit of God, that is, within you.