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March 25, 2022

      When you were born, onto the Earth, you were as a pebble, dropped in a vast, smooth, pristine lake.  And, as the pebble, did to the lake, you had an impact, on all those, around you.  As with the pebble, there was as ripple effect, forming a circle, all around you.  The impact, at first, is for those close to you, your inner circle.  Yet, as you grew, the ripple effect, as with the pebble, went farther, and farther, from you.  All through your life, the ripple effect, moves out from you, the source of the impact, and the effect.  And the ripples will continue, to move from you, until, at last, they touch the shore, and you are released, to begin, once more, your time in spirit, evermore.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To understand the mysteries, and the unseen, and all that flows from you, from The Dimension of Perfection, all you need do is look around you.  It plays-out, to show you, in nature.  You can see, and learn, and know, when you walk alone, in solitude, in the woods, by the river, at the shore.