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March 26, 2022




      It does not matter whether you are standing on a majestic hilltop, bathed in light, or making your way through the chores, and the tasks, of the day, or slumped in a corner, of the Earth, enshrouded in sadness, or worry, or lack of worth.  No matter where you find yourself, today, you are my child, and I love you.  In any way you find yourself, today, I love you.  And my love does not flow to one of you in larger amounts, or diminished portions.  I AM love, therefore, it is love I give to you, as I AM.  And as I AM, I open, and offer you all that I AM, and ask you to come, as you are, now.  In your celebration of life, in your toiling, and striving, in your life, in the times of guilt, or shame, or doubt, I love you.  You do not have to figure it out, just sit, and be, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are standing, on a majestic hill, filled with light, remember, if you will, to sing the song of joy, and sing it, so completely, that it touches the heart of the one in the daily chores, and they stop, and look around, and wonder, what note just touched their heart.  Sing, and sing joyfully, as you move through the day, carrying your light, and in some dark corner, be it day, or night, another will raise their head, and feel the touch of the song of the light.  Sing, when you are in the light, so others too might know, The Light.