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March 27, 2022




      “I AM with you.  I move though the dimensions, at will, to speak to you, to touch you, to know you, closer, so you might know Me, closer, too.  Do not turn your head, or say, this is impossible to do.  For as I said, many times, when I was in physical body, materialized, fully, I reminded everyone listening, that they could do everything I was doing.  It was a matter of choice, free will choice.  What would you do?  And now, I AM fully Spirit, speaking to you, saying, you too can move through the dimensions, and experience Heaven upon the Earth.  It is something you choose to do, free will choice.  And that is how I come to you, today.                                                           


      “I want to share something with you, that will enhance your life, upon the Earth, greatly.  Today, pay attention, to nature.  Watch what is happening, as the observer.  You need not go far, into wooded land, or forest, to see that some trees look alive.  In fact, the energy, coming from them, announces, even though it is the time of year, when their branches are bare, with no leaves to show, that they are alive.  You feel, and know, they are alive, because you are, connecting, with the tree.  And you look and see, that some trees, have fallen, resting on the shoulders of surrounding trees; and this is community.  And those trees, that are sick, and frail?  You might not see it, on upper Earth, but down below, the roots of the trees, are curling, and moving through the Earth; and they, actually, bring nutrients, to the failing trees.  It is community.  It is a shoulder to rest on; and, you see it happening, in the natural world.

      “You watch, and you see a riverbed, and there are, perhaps, gardens, and fields, growing vegetables, close to the river.  But what you do not see, from upper Earth, is inner Earth, and what is happening, the comingling of the riverbed, and the fields, that are growing.  Little veins of water seep through the land, through the soil, and reach the destination, of the field, and keep it moist, and growing.  And when those fields, are filled, with plants, the wind, and the birds, help move seeds to other places, where the growth continues, carried to some place of soil, that they would not see, unless it was for the wind, the birds, the bees, pollenating, moving.  Look and see.

      “Look, and see, around you, and you might well see, what is played-out, in the natural world, play-out, in the physical world, that you see, all around you, the material world: those people looking healthy, moving about; the people, looking frail and sickly.  Watch, and see the interaction.  That is how it is meant to be.  Copy, the natural world, and bring it into the material world.  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the elderly, and the children, visit the sick.  This a duplication of the natural world.  And then, step back, and watch what is happening in your personal community, family, friends.  What is happening, within the walls of that house?  It is the same thing, playing-out, as in the natural world.  There are shoulders to lean on.  There are strong people.  There are those, who are, feeding the frail.  There are some, who are ready to pass back through the veil.  It is all things, playing-out, as it is meant to be, when you are in selfless service, for those you love, and community.

      “Now, take one more step, and see.  See the entire Earth, the sky above it, the stars above it, and then see the beings, coming from dimensions, The Dimension of Perfection, you call Heaven.  All the Heavenly Hosts, coming toward, those of Earth, to encourage those, who are healthy, to minister to those, who are sickly, to comfort those, whose time has come, to move through the dimension, and celebrate being fully spirit, once again.  See what is happening, because it is a duplication; and you will come to know Heaven, when you come to know the natural world, the community of Earth, and All That Is.  See it.

      “Do not resist the helping hand, which is to minister to you, when you are sickly.  Do not push that hand away, thinking less of yourself, for accepting help; because, in accepting help, you are encouraging community.  Do not hesitate to go to another, and offer a hand, of help, or service, or a shoulder to lean on.  Do not hesitate from fear of rejection.  Go, immediately, because you are encouraging, supporting the healing of community.  Community stretches, from your home: to those, who live in your city; to those, who are in the countryside; to those, who live in the wooded areas; to different countries, on the other side of the Earth; and throughout the dimension.  It is time that the dimensions draw closer, together, and feel community.

      “This say to you, because for those, hearing these words, or reading these words, no matter, who you are, or where you are, this message is for you.”