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March 27, 2022



      Pay attention, to what is happening, in the natural world.  Look closer, still, at trees, and grasses, and flowers, moving water, butterflies, insects, of all kinds, dogs, cats, domestic animals, those that are wild, and set free.  Look at them.  Feel the wind, and the sun, and the rain.  Feel the change, in the atmospheric pressure.  Turn your attention to those people, who are walking close to you, or resting beside you.  Pay attention to those: you do not know, you know slightly, friends, families.  Pay attention.  Watch the interaction in the natural world, the material world, the world of animals, and insects, and beasts, and crawly, little things.  Pay attention, to the interaction.  Pay attention, to the interaction between people, of all ages, community-wise, and reaching beyond.  Pay attention.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is easy to slip into the mode of self-absorption.  You become absorbed, or focused, on what is happening, within you, and around you, your immediate sphere.  And you can do this, to the elimination, of what is happening, all around you.  Take the focus, away from you, and focus as far out, as you need do.  And then, you will see, you are drawn, into the energy of everything, that is happening, around you.  You are no longer isolated, and alone, dealing with what is happening for you, or to you.  You become a participant, in all that is happening, around you, naturally, materially, spiritually.  Do not hesitate to step into the community of everything, of All That Is, of the present, the past, and the future, all happening, at the same time.  Pay attention.