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March 28, 2022



      Do not limit yourself, by what others think, they know.  Do not confine yourself, to what others might say, they know.  Open your heart, your spirit, your soul, and stand, in the natural world, and watch it glow, because it holds My Spirit, as do you.  Everything, you need to know, is within you.  Walk, in the natural world, and feel, your knowing grow; for, when you ask, and go within, The Holy Spirit will bring you in, to the sacred space, where we sit, and know, together.  And, in that place, you shall know, all you are ready to know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your time, on Earth, does not need to be laborious.  It is meant to be glorious, and filled, with song, and light.  Come, sit with Me: and I will show you, The Light of God; and I will whisper, The Wisdom of God; and I will hold you, within, all that is sacred; and we, together, shall know.