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March 29, 2022


      Recall, the most beautiful sunset, that you have seen, and seek, the sunset.  Recall, the most beautiful sunrise, you have seen, and seek, the sunrise.  Remember, the holding, of your breath, at the sight, of a field, of flowers, and seek, the field, of flowers.  Be, the seeker, of sunrise, and sunset, and fields, of flowers; for, these things, touch something, within you, that is not material, or physical.  It is, of beauty, and life.  It is, of peace, and joy.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you can accomplish much, in your everyday life, be it, working, at an office, or, working, from your home.  You can accomplish much, in your everyday life.  And, as you work, and as you play, you will be given gifts, all throughout the day.  And the gifts, appear, and show you, The Way, to joy, in the sunset, in the sunrise, in the field, of flowers.  While there are things, you must do, do not give-up, seeking, for the things, which are truly a blessing, just for you.