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March 26, 2023


      “I AM with you.  Perhaps, you feel My presence.  Perhaps, you hear My whisper.  Perhaps, you know I AM with you, now and forever.  I come to encourage you, on your earthly travel, today.  So, let us not look beyond today.  Let us not look to the past.  Let us walk, into the day, welcoming all, which comes our way, knowing, we walk, together, today.                


      “The world, around you, has much to offer.  The distractions are many, varied, shiny, tempting.  And, if you are not grounded, in the spiritual, the physical will catch your eye, and before long, you are off seeking, following the path, clearly marked with riches, success, shiny objects, each step, taking you deeper, into the world of the seen.  Understand this.  There is nothing wrong with riches,  nor is there anything wrong with success.  But understand this.  All the riches, and success, in the world, created by humans, cannot hold The Wisdom of God, which is, within you.  By all means, experience Earth, and all offered by her.  Earth is an exhilarating place to be.  Run through the meadows, sing from the mountain peaks.  Taste of the foods, and the drinks, of Earth, and be thankful for the experience.  But understand this.  You are meant to experience Earth, doing so as a spiritual being, allowing the spirit, that is you, to lead The Way, while your physical body moves over the Earth, animated by the spirit that is you.

      “When you learn to experience Earth, as spirit, experiencing Earth, through the physical body, you will no longer be afraid.  You will no longer allow fear, to hold you in place, or freeze your position.  You will grow, in the knowledge, of the world around you, while blessing it, with the presence of your spirit.  And all things will grow, in peace and love, as you sow the seeds from Heaven, bringing eternal life, wherever you go.

      “This lifetime, you are experiencing, upon the Earth is a portion of your eternal life.  You do not have to wait to experience eternity.  It is with you, now.  In all you think, and say, and do, it is eternity there with you.  Know this, and you will walk the Earth, singing the song of freedom, eternal freedom.”