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March 26, 2023


      How many miles are you willing to walk, seeking peace, seeking love?  How far are you willing to travel, seeking comfort, seeking compassion?  You can walk, many miles, and you can travel far, seeking forgiveness or to give forgiveness.  But the walking, and all the travel, in the physical realm, where you mark the miles, and count the days, cannot promise that you will find that which you seek.  The journey within, to traverse your inner landscape, is taken in solitude, without walking a mile, without the necessity of traveling, to another city, or country.  The journey within holds the promise of peace for the weary sojourner, even with the first step of desire.  What can be done, what can be gained, on this sacred pilgrimage?  The territory through which you pass is sacred.  It is a land, just for you.  Every space holds answers, just for you.  Every encounter is a wealth of wisdom.  As you are willing, to walk miles, and give of your time, to travel, over the Earth, make the time to enter the precious chambers, of your inner being.  All the corridors, all the chambers, all the silent spaces, will lead you to the truth.  And held, within the truth, is the song of freedom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      I AM waiting, within.  Come.  The chamber door is not locked.  All you need do is knock, ask, and therein, find peace, of the soul.