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March 5, 2023



      “I AM with you.  Be joyful in the knowing of this.  For, I AM truly, with you.  When you take this to your heart, and really know it, your life changes, you are altered in a most joyous way, for you know you are never alone.             


      “Family, friendship, even saying the words announces you are a part of a group, a piece of the one group, you are connected with specific individuals.  Just knowing this can bring comfort, security, for when these groups are of love, your source of strength can be found there, at the source, at the center.  Knowing this brings peace.  No matter what you face, you know, you will not face it alone.  While the experience of it, is yours, the doing of it is yours, you are not alone, as you face that which is before you.

      “Now, knowing this, regarding family and friends, allow yourself to sit with the connections, and see all the pieces, of the whole, coming together, all the members, of the family, each person, in the group, of friendship.  How beautiful it is.  How comforting it is.  Now, see the family, the friendships, expand, as you realize each member, of the family, and the friendships brings with them the ancestors, the elders, the wisdom of the past, carried within the current, those which are present, with you, now, in the present piece of eternity that is, with you, now.  All this glory, wisdom, and joy is held within ever-expanding circles of love, which have no boundaries.  They go on forever, growing, with the center being love, love with no limitation, just growing, reaching into forever.

      “Now, allow yourself to put God in the center of the circles of family, and friends.  Invite the unseen into the seen.  Permit the possible to live, within each circle, and notice, with God, at the center, with holy angels, and all beings of God, taking their place, within the circles, the circles link, and form a living chain of the seen and the unseen, and you are within that chain, held, and supported, with all that is.

      “Do not be afraid.  Do not fear, anything.  You are held, within the chain, of all that is, and will be, forever.  The strength, of the chain, is your strength.  The wisdom, of the chain, is your wisdom.  The glory, of the chain, is your glory.  You shall live forever, and all you know, and see, and experience, right now, brings wisdom to your link, in the chain, creating a chain of eternal wisdom, which will not die, because it lives, within you, eternally, within you.  And, at the core, of All That Is, is The Gift of Love, is God.”