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March 5, 2023



      There will come days when the only light is held in our relationship, in the way we whisper, love, experience, and know.  Take some time to ponder that, My son, My daughter.  Even in the darkest of times, in the most desolate desert, in the void of isolation, you always have One, with you, and that One, with you, is The Creator of All Things.  How wondrous then can the darkness, the desert, the isolation be, when you know I AM there, walking, and talking, with thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy so get caught-up in the way the world considers experiences, which are less than joyful, sometimes painful.  But when you are living The Ways of God, every experience, which comes to you, is one you will walk through, knowing God is, with you, and it something you are to do, because it did come to you.  “Why must I experience this?” you might cry-out.  And the answer will come, from within you.  For, I will whisper, and you will know, the experience is a gift, so you might carry wisdom in the knowing of it.  Wisdom comes from experience, and experience is always yours, personally yours, wholly yours.  You achieved it with determination, faith, and trust.  And with the lesson experienced, and learned, you shall move on, in The Light of God, wearing The Gift of Wisdom.