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March 6, 2023



      Hold truth, no matter what you are doing, no matter with whom you are speaking, hold truth.  Be truthful, with yourself.  Drop all pretenses.  And just as you hold truth, in that which you say to others, hold truth in that which you say to yourself.  Do not permit yourself to go astray.  Hold yourself to truth.  Do not deny the call, that is within you, coming from My Holy Spirit, speaking eternal truth.  For, truth is wisdom.  Do not deny yourself this wisdom.  Do not deny the truth.  Speak the truth to others, and yourself.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times, when you will be fighting a battle, within yourself.  And this battle might be about: what you are going to say to another; what you are going to do for, or not for another; how you are going to move through the day, what you will think, and what you will say.  And in these times, in all times, speak truth.  Oh, you will be tempted not to speak it.  The task will be, how to speak, to yourself, and others, with kindness, graciously sharing the truth.  And I will help you, and you will grow, in the truth.  Seek answers, from Me, and I will show you The Way.


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