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March 8, 2023



      Do not deny yourself, when there is plenty.  Use, the times of plenty, to practice, balance.  Do nothing to excess.  Balance.  If you have three apples, eat one, and share the others, with those around thee.  In the time of plenty, when you practice, balance, you learn to give, you learn to have, you learn to share, and you learn the joys of living there, upon the Earth.  And when it is time, for plenty to go, you will walk, and you will know, for there will be another, who will practice balance, and eat the one apple, and share with you.  It is a circle, and it is living.  That, which comes to you, is worth the sharing, and the giving.  But be mindful, the sharing, begins, with you.  The giving, begins, with you.  And then, the receiving, will be all you need to do, when you are in this circle of life, there, as life is with you; and it is plentiful, for it goes on, forever.  Come, let us sit, and be, about balance, sharing, giving, receiving.  We will talk, and you will know, and I will whisper, and you will grow, in wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, you have much.  You have much to enjoy, and still, much to share.  Do not be tempted to be greedy, or miserly.  Enjoy that, which you have, by sharing with others, and the joy of life, upon Earth, will grow, within you, and grow, around you, and you will raise-up a garden of joy, as you live, upon the Earth.