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March 9, 2023



      Come, and bring your heart, your heart, and all you are, today.  Release the fears, and tears, which you carry, and give them to Me, today.  Rest in My love for you, for I will banish every doubt, worry, and concern.  Come, and be free, to rise and say, with confidence, the most holy prayer, “Thy Will be done.”  Do not shrink from saying the words.  The prayer of only four words, will lead you to the truth, and you shall know it, eternally.  Thy Will be done, is a statement of your faith, in Me.  For, who would say such a thing, without absolute trust, knowing the plan I have for you is far greater than any plan conceived in your thoughts?

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Trust, believe, and step forward.  I shall be your lamp, showing you, guiding you, illuminating The Way to knowing.