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March 10, 2023



      Sometimes, there is snow, on the ground.  At other times, there are flowers, all around.  But then, there are the sacred times, when snow and flowers merge.  And up through the snow comes the birth, of the daffodil, yellow, radiant.  These sacred times, of union, of snow, and flower, give you a taste, of that precious hour, when you are as the flower, surrounded by the snow.  There is so much more for you to know.  There is much for you to gather, and sow.  So, enjoy the snow, when it is on the ground, and delight in the flowers, when they are all around.  But seek that precious harmony when there is snow, and flowers, and the will to grow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Springtime brings the flowers, the early ones, the hyacinths, and daffodils, and forsythia, shining brilliant yellow from the shrubs.  But then, it is possible, in those early days of spring, to have the snow fall upon these things of spring.  And therein, is the beauty, of balance and harmony, when spring brings the flowers, kissed by the snow.  That is where you should go.  Seek out the beauty, the harmony, the balance.  For therein, you will find peace.


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