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March 11, 2023


      In the time of want, and need, do not despair.  For, if you are still, and quiet, and open the eyes of your soul, you will see Me there.  And I will hold you, in My arms, draw you near, so you can feel, so you might hear.  And My breath will fall upon thee, as the words touch your heart.  My child, come to Me, we are never apart.  When there is want, when there is need, be still, and I shall feed thee.  Be quiet, and there will come, into your midst, one who will bring water, one who will bring food, one who will bring the oil to anoint you, one to set the table, one to bring the chair.  And when you are gathered there, I will announce, “See, I have set a banquet, just for thee.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will always be the temptation to fear, when there is want, or need, drawing near.  But do not fear, and do not doubt.  Be still, be quiet, and look about you.  And you will see.  For, upon the face, of those who are around thee, you will see, the face of God, looking upon thee, preparing to answer the want, to fill the need, to be with you in this time.  And you will hear the song of angels, as they chime, “You are a child of God.  Be at Peace, from this day forward.  Be at peace, where ere you go.  Be at peace, and know The Presence of God is with you.  So, do not be afraid.  Do not fear.  The God of all Creation, is always near.”