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May 10, 2022


      The wind, and the storm, the rains, and the sun, all, of these things, impact the surface, of Earth.  They change the mountains, and the rivers, and the valleys, and the canyons.  Mother Earth is changed, by these things.  Your body is changed, by exercise, or lack of exercise.  Your body is changed, with: nourishing food, or lack of nourishing food; thirst-quenching waters, or lack of thirst-quenching waters.  Your inner body, your eternal body, your spirit, is also, altered: by challenges; by Son, The Light of The Son; by Wind, The Breath of The Wind.  By using your spiritual muscles, in times of chaos, and confusion, and doubt, and fear, your spiritual body is made stronger.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not ignore your spiritual body, and health, focusing more on your physical body, and health, because: one body, will crumble, and return to dust; the other will rise-up, as surely it must, and soar, through eternity.  You are the eternal being.  Pay attention to that which lasts, forever.