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May 9, 2022


      Review the list, which you have, either, written, in your thoughts, or on a piece of paper, that consists of your goals, or the tasks, of the day, or the week.  Review that list, carefully.  The list is a reflection: of that, which you intend to do; of that, which will require your attention; of that, which will draw your focus.  Look at it.  Is there, somewhere, written, on the thought pad, or the paper pad: a time to pray; a time to look around, in search of someone, who needs a smile, or a kind word; a time, to set aside, to be thankful, for that, which you have?  Have you included, time with Me, in your to do lists, be they thought, or written?  If it is not there, held within your intention, to set time aside, for prayer, revisit your list, and put time there, for prayer.  Incorporate communication with Me, for I AM waiting, for thee.  Once you begin to consider this a priority, then you will turn your back, on the mundane, and walk, into My divine light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The excuse is often, “I am too busy today.  I will do it tomorrow, or tomorrow morning, or tonight, or tomorrow night.  But, I have too much to do, today.”  So, I ask you.  How much time can it take, for you to stop, be still, and pray, a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer of celebration, a prayer of, hello, this is what I am doing?  There is time, and it is time, to make time, to stop, and focus your attention: on that, which is eternal; on that, which brings you peace; on that, which brings your comfort, and understanding; on that, which will bring wisdom to your day.