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May 16, 2022


      You have been taught, many things.  Some things, you have been taught, you embrace, and live.  Other things, you have been taught, you reject, and ignore.  There come, stages, in your life, when it is time, to stop, to check, to take inventory, of the things, you have been taught, that remain, within you, to this day.  Review, that which you know, and live, carefully.  Mark, a period, of time, that you might set yourself aside, to sit, with Me, so we might take inventory, together, you and Me, and brush, the cobwebs, from the theories, sweep the debris, from the concepts, and be still.  For, as you grow, it is possible, and desirable, for wisdom to grow, within you.  And sometimes, this wisdom, that comes, from Me, to thee, pushes out, certain teachings, that came, from other’s thoughts to thee.  Be willing, to make room, for the wisdom, which will grow, every time, you sit, with me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be so set in your ways, that you refuse, the quiet time, to review.  Do not be so stiff-necked that you cannot turn, or alter, or change, by using the wisdom of God, which will come to you, every time you sit, with God.