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May 17, 2022



            Create a day of rest, often; and, make the day, of rest, just as important, as a day of work, or a day of play.  Make no plans, for the day of rest, other than sitting, quietly, walking down a path, silently, being, just being.  Do not cast judgment, on your day of rest, feeling you are wasting time, doing nothing, achieving nothing, accomplishing nothing.  For that is not true.  Floating, within your day of rest, is the possibility of triumph, succeeding in the goal of just being, living, within the vastness, of all that is.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Few, realize the profound impact, of spending long periods of time, being: being quiet, being silent, being part of the country path, being a piece of the garden, being the flowing stream, or river. just being.  When another person asks you, about the day you spent, in rest, resist the temptation to say that you did nothing that day.  Respond, “I spent the entire day, being who I am meant to be, experiencing my divine place within all that is.