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May 16, 2024


          Often it feels as if change is galloping over a meadow and the powerful steed has left you standing in the field, gripping fear and doubt, wondering how it will all turn out.  When this sensation threatens to overwhelm you, whisper My name, call on Me.  For creation to continue there must be change.  But the change is intended to flow, gracefully, as in a beautiful waltz, turning, stepping, moving with the melody.  You no longer wear the shoes you wore as a child.  There was change, and you grew, leaving the old, embracing the new.  That is how I wish for you to live, embracing all which comes to you with renewed hope, faith, and trust that you do know the steps, and you do know when to turn.  Rise-up and join in the dance, willingly, gracefully, eternally.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Life upon Earth is delightful and sometimes mysterious.  As you breathe the air, let it be as a prayer, thankful for all you have.  And let your every exhalation be filled with celebration of The Gifts you carry within.  The dance is with you.  Join in.