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May 21, 2023



      “I AM here.  You might not see Me, but I AM here.  You feel My energy.  I AM here, with you.  And if you close your eyes, your heart, and your soul, and your spirit, might see Me because we are one.                          


      “Today, let us talk about setting aside burdens you are carrying, and they are not necessary to you.  You might argue the point.  You might insist.  ‘This is with me.  It is burdensome, yes.  And I am weary, yes.  But there is no way I can rid myself of this energy, within me.  I have tried.  I have failed.  Now, I accept my fate, and walk slumped and slow.’  And to that proclamation I say to you, come here.  Let us go into the day together.  As we walk, we will talk, and I will ask you, what is your worry?  And you will tell Me.  And I will listen and know your heart.  But I will also firmly say, if you choose, this is the day to rid yourself of that worry. 

      “If you will embrace the truth, that The Spirit of God is within you to teach you all truth, all truth, to provide you with The Wisdom of God, and to guide you, if you can embrace that you can connect with The Creator of All Things, that you can hear My whisper, and know I will come to you, then what should worry you?  The worry, the concern, the anxiety comes from a feeling of separation, that you are all alone.  There are people around you, but no one reaches out to take your hand and lead you or guide you.  And I say this to you, you do not want it that way.  What if the person next to you, or behind you, or sitting in front of you, what if they offer to lead you in the right direction?  Do they know The Way?  Will they take you in the right direction?  That is impossible to say.  But the truth is you know the right direction because The Spirit of God is within you.  It does require that you surrender, to give up all your preconceived notions, and thoughts, and feelings that you are even ever so slightly in control of your situation, and walk into the unseen; because I tell you, My brother, My sister, that which is not seen by you, now will be seen by you, if you surrender, and walk into it, with Me.  In that way you will be what you are created to be because what you are created to be is already in thee.  You have it.  You are it.  So, do not look for your friends, and companions, and family to lead you from one place to the other.  Rise-up.  Drop the sack of your burdens.  Take My hand and follow Me.”


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