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May 20, 2023


         I wish for you to open to a deeper understanding of The Divine Flow, that which is constant, and flowing, creating eternity, by being, moving, never ceasing, just flowing.  So, I ask you to close your eyes.  Imagine you are standing on a hill, above a river, watching the river as it flows.  You might see a log floating on the river.  You might see debris floating along the river.  You might see people in canoes, or kayaks, or rafts, floating, with the river.  Imagine you want to take a closer look.  So now, see yourself standing on the bank of the river.  And you see, more closely, that which is flowing, with the river.  And those who are going by in kayaks, and canoes, and rafts, they appear to be enjoying their time, with the river.  And so, you go into the river, and you float, and you see, very little effort is required of thee, when you are caressed, and held, within the body of the river, taking you wherever it is going.  That river, which is flowing, represents My Will, The Divine Flow, the movement of All That Is, existing eternally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Whenever you look, and see, and begin to observe something, you see it, and you know it, as an observer, watching, but not taking part.  But when you decide to take part, to join-in, to ride, or march, in the parade, or to dive into the river, and go with the flow, wherever it will take you, that is no longer observing, or watching, or waiting, that is experiencing the flow of the river.  So, you can read about, and take courses about, and watch movies about, The Divine Flow of God’s Will, moving through eternity.  But you will not have the experience of being carried in the arms of The Divine Flow, until you stop whatever you are doing, and go.  Dive in, deeper, deeper still, until you rise-up and find that you are riding, within The Will of God.