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May 19, 2023



          Close your eyes.  Look, and see.  You are standing on a path, and the path stretches out from thee.  Where you are standing, the path seems wide.  But as it stretches before you, it narrows, and sometimes, appears to be just a line, way ahead of you.  But if you put one foot on that path securely, and walk, the path is always wide enough for you to be comfortable, in your journey.  And after you have walked this path for many years, stop, and look.  Stretched before you, way ahead in the distance, it still appears to be a line.  But now, turn around, and see that which you left behind.  And way back, in the distant past, the path resembles a line.  Wherever you are the path is divine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Focus on the present, on the step you will take this day.  Do not be distracted by what appears to be far away.  Remain on the path that is with you today.