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May 18, 2023



          Those people near to you, the ones you see often, they are telling you what is important to them, if not in the words they speak, in the deeds they do.  What you watch is important to them, you know, you hear it, you see it.  If you are not too busy to pay attention, you know those people close to you, better than you ever did before, simply by observing.  Listen to what they are saying to you, without putting up a wall of defense.  Just listen.  The words they are speaking, that is their heart speaking to you.  The deeds they are doing, that is an outward sign of what is important to them.  Pay attention.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Just as others around you show you, in words, and actions, that which is important to them, you are doing the same.  The words you speak, say what is on your heart.  Consider the words you are saying, because you are making an announcement.  And in the announcement, you are saying, “This is what is important to me.”  In all that you do, you are giving an outward sign of that which is important to you.  So, just as you observe others, and can, with practice, begin to understand what is within them, what is motivating them, the same can be said of you.  Others are watching, others are observing.  So, if you feel the inclination to show The Divinity of God that is, within you, to show The Light of God that is, within you, then let it shine, within your words, within your deeds, so others might know God with you.