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May 17, 2023



          The wonders of science cannot match the miracles of My creation.  I did not sit and mold materials, or substances, into masses, and fling them into the air, commanding them to stay there.  I conceived it; therefore, it is.  Out of nothing, My creation was born.  It was a thought, and then a word, and then being.  You come from Me.  You too create, from nothing.  You conceive it; therefore, it is.  And it continues.  For, My creation continues, within you.  We are co-creating, right now.  You have the gift to think it, create it, within your thought, and bring it forth into the illusion of reality in which you exist. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

           You think of words.  You receive the words.  You write the words down, and then, there it is.  From your thought, there is the creation of a book, or a pamphlet.  But it is solid, and it is with you, created from your thought.  And the same applies to the artist.  You think it, and you bring it forth, on the canvas, and there it is.  That which was in your thought now lives with you, in the illusion that is, with you.  All that is around you, that you can see, that is created by man, is the illusion.  The real reality is within your head, and the unseen.  Because soon, you will see the unseen, and the wonder will overwhelm you, and you will say, “I conceived it, therefore, it is.