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May 16, 2023


          The tides of the ocean ebb and flow.  The rivers rise, and then go low.  The trees offer their leaves, and then one by one, as the season comes, they fall from the tree.  The plants of the Earth know their time, and their worth.  You ebb and flow.  You rise, and sometimes go low.  You offer your beauty, and then it falls.  You have a season.  They change.  They come, and they go.  You know these things, as you watch the days pass.  Now, it is time for you to know your worth, as I know it.  You come from Me.  I AM your destiny.  Do not confuse the ways of the world, with My ways.  Know your worth, and come to Me, for I AM your destiny.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Today, as you walk, and look, and see, nature, in all its glory around thee, understand that whatever you see, whatever beauty catches your eye, you are there, too.  The flowers, the trees, the grasses, the very breeze, moving your hair, they are seeing you.  They are knowing you.  They see your worth.  They know your worth.  You are one with all of God’s creation, and it is all grand.