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May 15, 2023



          When the snows come, and fall upon the Earth, eventually the snow melts.  It melts into the Earth.  And when the rains come, the rains fall upon the Earth, and saturate the Earth.  When the sun comes, the light of the sun draws the plants, and the trees, and the grasses, up, as they reach towards the warmth, of the sun.  When My love moves into thee, you are nourished, and fulfilled.  When My grace saturates thee, you are complete in the glory.  And when My light, settles upon thee, and within thee, in such a way, that you reach up, waiting, knowing that there is more, and you are growing in the state of grace, and love, and light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Take notice of what is happening, in nature, all around you.  The signs are there.  The messages are there.  As you observe nature, and all her glory, understand that, that too is your story.  See the snow, see the water, see the light of the sun.  As it falls on the Earth, it falls upon you, each and every one.  And it is the same with the love, and the grace, and the glory of God.  It is not withheld from one, and given to another.  It flows freely on each, and every one.