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May 14, 2023


          In order to understand the simple complexity of an apple orchard, one must sit with a single apple, hold the apple, and begin to go into the apple.  Once you see the apple, as a unique, creation, you begin to appreciate that it was once a bud, a promise, and then a beautiful flower, a fragrant apple blossom, a sign, and then it became a small apple, which would grow until it ripened in the light of the sun, washed by the rain.  Only when you know this apple, to that degree, are you able to go deeper into the apple and see that the outer beauty, and delicious taste, is but one aspect of the apple.  For, at the core, there are the seeds, for tomorrow.  And only when you see one apple, in this way, can you know the simple complexity of the apple orchard.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Only when you sit, in quiet, in quiet, in stillness, with your soul, your spirit, and recognize the bud, the flower, the fragrance, your time in growth, as a spirit and soul, only when you sit with the unique you, the authentic you, and know it to the core, will you be able to understand all those around you, the simple complexity of humankind, humanity.  You cannot touch another with something you do not know.  So, first you must know yourself.  Know yourself before you go out to know others.