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May 14, 2023


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you.  I AM all around you.  I AM within you.  When I walked upon the Earth many thought I talked in riddles, and rhymes, and mystery.  But I actually spoke to those who had ears to hear, and a heart to open, with understanding.  And it is in this capacity that I AM with you, always, so that, that which I whisper, from within you, will open your heart to a new understanding, so that you might be created anew, to see with the eyes of God.                         


      “I wish to encourage each of you today to give to others that which you feel you do not have, yourself.  And it seems appropriate that this would be the day that I would speak to you.  Some of you grew up with nurturing parents, mothers who were present, fathers who were present.  Some of you grew up without the nurturing of a caring parent, because they were not there, either physically, or emotionally.  And these things have caused you anguish, or grief, or sadness, sometimes anger.  But today, I wish to give you some wisdom, if you will receive it.  It will require that you open your heart to that which you have reluctantly said you would do, before.  But today, I ask more.

      “You do not have to have the love, the physical love, and the emotional support, of a parent, to give to others, that which you were denied, because I tell you no matter who you are, or where you are, those ingredients, those seeds, are within you.  And they will look different, as they come from you.  But you will easily find the direction book, within you, because The Holy Spirit will be whispering, and guiding you, from within.  What do you miss?  What do you feel you lack?  What is it that your spirit, your heart, your soul, is longing for?  What is it?  You can identify it.  You know it.  You cannot miss it, if you do not know it.  This is what I want you to taste, this taste of truth.  And it might sting at first.  But I tell you it is true.  You have all of it, inside of you, because, if you are longing for it, you know it.  You know what you are missing.

      “Take one day, one step at a time, and turn your longing into giving.  What is it you want?  What is it you need?  What is it?  And as soon as you hear yourself say the words let it be your intention, for the day, to give that to another person.  It might be that you long for understanding, or a tender embrace, or nurturing.  Whatever you seek, give to another, because the seeker always knows, that which they seek.  You do not encounter someone who says, ‘I am seeking nothing.’  You encounter those who will tell you what they seek.  And they might say, ‘… along The Way of my seeking, this, I also found this.’  But first, there is the seeking.  If you will give, today, to another, and it might be in a small way, but a beginning still, give to another that unconditional love.  Give to another that respect and encouragement.  Give to another an embrace, an embrace so strong, and rich, that it says, ‘I am here for you.’  Give, and give, and give, until you realize that you have had what you have been seeking inside, all the time, because it was placed there, by your Eternal Parent.  Know this, and you will grow in wisdom.”