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May 13, 2023


          Even when you are walking in the sunshine, light as a feather, apparently carefree, an energy, can come out of the shadow, and tempt thee.  And the finger, formed of mist, from places dark, will summon you to come.  Do not go.  Do not listen to the temptation of gossip.  Do not listen to the temptation of envy or hatred.  Do not listen to the energies of darkness and shadow.  I speak to you today because it is important for Me to say it, so you will hear it, and know it.  You have power over the temptations of shadow and darkness.  All you need do is to rise-up and state your purpose.  Rise-up and pronounce, “leave me, now.”  Your words hold power.  But remember this, My daughter, My son, depending on the words you choose to speak, your words hold the power of light, or dark.  But there is always the power.  That which you say influences others, all through the day.  It is your responsibility, once you realize your power, to use the power, you have been given, for good, for light, for love, and for peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           It is for the times of doubt and confusion, and chaos, that I dwell within you.  So, you see, there is really no excuse.  If you are connected with Me, if you know My voice because you have sat with Me, many times, you will always know The Way, out of darkness, and shadow, into the light.  It was set in place that I dwell, within you, so you might do so, without hesitation.  You have everything you need.  I AM your Divine Compass.  Follow Me, and that choice will set you free.