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May 12, 2023



          My voice is carried upon The Wind of Eternity.  And The Wind of Eternity settles within you, as My voice.  My caress comes to you from the rains of the skies, and the droplets touch your cheeks, and your arms, and your hair.  And there are times when you feel, in this light rain, this sprinkle, upon you, that I AM there.  My love warms your body, in the light of the sun.  I quench your thirst and hunger, from that of Earth.  These are outward signs of My presence, with you.  But the inner presence is stronger still, with its message and signs.  But one must be still and quiet to feel the presence, within you, to hear the whisper, within you.  It is still, all one.  Let there be no doubt.  It is all one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           If fear is plaguing you this day, do not throw up your hands, and run away, feeling there is nothing you can do except live with this fear plaguing you.  But that is not true.  Sit, be still, be quiet.  Envision yourself, sitting, in a circle with The Triune God, Father, Son, and Me, The Spirit of God.  Four together, in a circle, around a fire.  Now, call forth the fear, and bring it into the circle.  And tossing it into the fire, ask it to speak.  As the flames go higher, you realize that, that which was plaguing you was a message you needed to hear.  Do not run from fear.  Bring it into the fire, and there let it speak, so you might know, and realize that you have the power, over any fear, which comes to you.  Bring it into the fire, and live, anew.