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May 27, 2022



      Be open, and aboveboard, regarding what you are doing, or what you are planning to do.  Do not plot, in the shadows.  Do not conceive, and give birth to, ideas, and plans, in darkness.  Throw open the doors.  Open the windows.  Come out into the light, so that all might see what you are planning, what you are hoping to do, what you pray you might be.  For, that which you plan, in shadow and darkness, is tainted, by the secrecy of it all.  Often, it requires manipulation, to convince others, to engage with you in this plan, or this concept, this idea.  Let your thoughts be born in the light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Occasionally, it is a temptation, to set a plan in motion, to do something, you want to do, but feel others, around you, might not want to do it, might not support you, in the doing of it; therefore, you continue in the shadow, or darkness, putting together these things, these thoughts, these words, these actions, until it is time.  And then, it is sprung on those around you, as if it just came to you, when all along you have been constructing it, in the shadows.  The sign will be that when God asks thee to do something, to accomplish something, it is good, and it need not be constructed, in shadow, or darkness.  Bring it out, in the open, so others can see your work, can support your work, can be happy in the work you are doing.  If you feel it must be done, in shadows, fearing that others might not support you, then revisit the idea, and make sure it comes from God, not the ego, within you.