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May 26, 2022

      You speak of Heaven.  And sometimes, you have other names for Heaven, such as Home.  “I look forward to going Home.”  And you mean Heaven.  Where is Heaven?  If you speak of it, if you long for it, where is it?  You have been told where it is.  Heaven is with you.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is within you.  What does this mean, to you?  Just because it is unseen, by you, does not mean it is not with you.  How many times have you been walking, along a road, or a path, or even a sidewalk, and walked into a swarm of miniscule insects, that you did not even see, before you walked into it?  And there, you were.  How many times have you been sitting, or walking, or just riding around, and you bump into a spiderweb?  You did not see it, before you bumped into it, before you walked into it, before you stuck your hand, or your face, into it.  Just because you did not see it did not mean that it was not there.  And what about all the unseen cells, and molecules, and these pieces of life that you cannot see, without using a microscope, or a magnifying glass.  Just because you did not see it, did not mean it was not there.  Ponder that.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       This would be a good day to look, and see, that which you have not seen before.  Pay Attention.  It is easy for you to pay attention to majestic mountain peaks, and vast bodies of water.  It is easy, because of their size.  You cannot escape the size.  Today, look for the smallest, that which you cannot see, without assistance, of some type or another, be it a light, or a magnifying glass, or by using the eyes of your soul.  Much will be told, when you use the eyes, of your soul.  Let your spirit come out, and play, today.  Let your spirit animate your body, and play, today, because all of this, around you, all that you see, you are part of it.