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May 25, 2022



      I wish for you to know the importance, of the thoughts you have, and the words you say.  Each of you, can remember a time, when you were angry about something, or, at the very least, upset.  And that anger, the energy of the anger, might have caused you a headache, or an upset stomach, or discomfort, of any kind, including being agitated, to the point where you could not be still.  This was the impact the energy of anger, or being upset, had upon your body.  And it changed your body chemistry.  And it altered your perspective, of all that you did that day, of whomever you met that day.  Most of you can remember, a day when you were so filled with joy, and love, for everything, that your senses were heightened.  Your face looked brighter, or so those around you said.  You looked, and felt, different, because you were holding the energy of joy, and love.  And it altered your body.  When you say the word, “hate,” it feels different, coming from your mouth.  It is strong.  It is powerful.  But it is not loving.  It is not filled with joy.  When you say the words, “love,” or “compassion” it feels different, coming from your mouth.  It is kind, and tender.  These words, you speak, are an indicator, to all around you, who will hear you, what you are doing, inside your body.  Remember.  Accept.  Embrace the knowing, you can choose, which you will use, to create your day.  Choose wisely.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can do it, if you wish, to do it.  And the “it,” of which I AM speaking, is carefully selecting, the thoughts, you have, and the words, you speak.  When you have an unkind thought, call forth the spirit, who is whispering, that thought, within your head, who is weaving that thought, through the other thoughts, you have.  And then, cast it from you.  Use the power, you have, to make the world a better place.  And start, within your thoughts.  Do not give safe harbor to thoughts that are unkind, cruel, or of retaliation, or revenge.  You can, actually change the world, by going within.