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May 24, 2022


      Before you head into the day, rushing toward the tasks, which require your attention, stop, and check, to see, what spirit, or spirits are motivating thee.  This will give you the opportunity, to center yourself, so that you are coming, from a place, of My light, and love, and a desire to be of service to others.  Do not permit the spirits of greed, or anxiety, or anger, or manipulation, to be the motivation for that which you accomplish today.  Because, that which you accomplish, holds the energy, that you hold, as you created, or completed a task.  Always make sure, that you are coming from the center of My love, My light, and My peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:


      Check your motivation.  Be sure you are not creating, using the spirits of negativity, to accomplish something, or to complete a task.  Test the spirits.  Reconnect, and always come from a place of God’s love, light, and peace.