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May 23, 2022


      The last bite, of the peach, is just as sweet, but never as exciting, as the first.  For, the first bite of the peach: explodes with taste; is filled with the aroma; is touched, in the holding, of the peach.  And that explosion, of experiences, of the senses, will not be repeated, as you continue, to eat the peach, you hold.  But the nutrients, and the value, of that, which is the peach, will give you what you need, will sustain you, will help your body stay healthy.  And when it is done, and the last bite is taken, there, resting in your hand, is the seed.  The promise of another peach, picked from another tree.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your life, upon the Earth, is a series, of experiences.  And with each new experience, there comes excitement, or surprise.  That excitement, or surprise, with each experience, is dulled a bit, as you move through the experience.  The first, is sometimes shocking, explosions of joy.  But it can also bring sadness, and sorrow.  Your experience, during your lifetime, upon Earth, alters, changes, but it is still yours.  It is much like eating the peach.  The first bite of life is filled, with the senses, experiencing something new.  But as you make your way, through your life, just as through eating the peach, there will come the last experience, the last bite.  But the last bite, the last experience, reveals the seed, the eternal body, which is the promise of a new life, from the eternal tree of life, in the promised life, that is yet to come, in the series of your eternal life experience.  View your life today as a piece of your eternal experience.  And as you see it that way, it broadens your perspective.  You are grounded.  You are on the Earth, but you are also of Spirit, beyond the Earth.