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May 22, 2022




      Drop the cloaks, you have clutched, to yourself, holding tight, and close, and all around you.  Drop the cloaks of pomposity, and arrogance, and pride.  Set, all preconceived notions, aside.  Release, the teachings, you have learned, at the feet of those, who were telling you, the information, of the world, created by man, and be still.  Sit, with Me.  You cannot know, what you do not know.  But when you sit, with Me, I will teach thee, all you are ready to know.  And together, we will take one step at a time, into The Ways of Knowing.  And when it is done, each step at a time, your final step, will be Home.  You will have walked through, the passageways, of knowing, and entered The Dimension of Perfection, you call Heaven, ready to know more, and more, and more.  These things, I wish to share, with you, are not found, in the smartest, most intelligent people, noteworthy books.  Nowhere, you go, will give you, what I will give you, because My gift, will be revelation, and you will know, piece by piece, that which you do not know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times, when you hear, individuals speak, on topics, in which they are well versed: they know the facts; they know the figures.  But then, there will come a time, when you hear words, uttered by another human being, and your heart will receive the message, and you will know, these words, spoken, did not come from books, or teachers, or institutions of learning, or even life experience.  The words, you have just heard uttered, were revelation, from God.