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May 28, 2023


      “I AM with you.  And you do not hesitate to draw nearer to Me.  Even when those around you say it is an impossibility to hear My voice, and feel My presence, you know, it is true because it is your experience.  And your experience has nothing to do with the doubt, created by others.  So, you push through the doubt, and the ridicule, and take My hand.  And I sit with you.  And you remember.                              


      “Fear can freeze you in place.  Fear can cloud your eyes, so you cannot see clearly.  Fear can make your heart race.  Fear, it is an energy created.  But fear has no power over you, unless you permit it to hold you, and ensnare you, within the web of fear. 

      “Small children are sometimes gripped with fear, when they stand, high above the waters, of a swimming pool, on the diving board.  And fear whispers to them, ‘You will hurt yourself.  Something will happen to you.’  And fear keeps whispering, until they crawl, backwards, to the ladder, descending into a place of not knowing what they could do.  But, if that child pushes away the fear, and jumps from the diving board, into the water, and up again, they are joyous, because they are victorious over fear.  And the rest of the day is spent climbing the ladder, pushing fear farther and farther away, as they dive, over, and over, again, into the waiting waters, below, filled with laughter. 

      “And it can be the same for you, My brothers, and sisters.  How often are you standing at the very edge of that diving board, and feeling it move beneath your feet, like a quiet earthquake, getting ready to burst open, spilling everything into pits, and pools, of fire.  But that fear comes from the whispers of a liar, attempting to keep you from the joys of splashing into the waters of grace, knowing what you can do, not fearing what might happen.  If you are standing at the end of that diving board, today, hearing whispers of fearful thoughts, push them away, because that spirit, whispering to you, is not angelic, nor is it God, nor The Holy Spirit, nor Me.  For, We will never threaten thee.  The messages from Heaven are uplifting, and truth, and light, and glory, leading you onward, so the story can be written, the story of your faithful jump into The Pool of Grace, laughter in your voice, tears of wonder upon your face.”