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May 27, 2023



          My people are crying, all around you.  My people are pushed into the darkest of corners, all around you.  My people are denied food, and water, and the safety of a dwelling place, all around you.  Look and see.  Then, sit with Me, so that you might be moved to action, celebrating the glory of all that is around you, with those who have been rejected and denied.  In this way, you will no longer greet some with a smile, and turn your head away from others.  You will no longer embrace some and refuse to touch another.  You will no longer invite some to the banquet you set, while throwing crumbs out the door for others.  You will see human beings as I see them.  Because you took the time to sit with Me, being taught at My knee, you will walk, and love, and talk, and touch, like no other.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           When you hear the calling, when you feel it stirring, within you, when the whisper wells up, and you know it is time to go, take only love with you.  Let your heart be filled with love.  Let God’s love flow through your veins.  In this way, you will no longer see a destitute in front of you, you will see a child of God in front of you, longing for a smile, a touch, a kindness, a word.  So, let your word be heard, and flow into the ears of those denied.  Let it sing of The Glory of God, welcoming all inside to hear your song.